Universal High Velocity Intake Kits

Reduces heat soak and maximizes airflow...

Intake Header

Reinforced automotive grade silicone adapter coupler

Flexible, vibration dampening integrated mounting ring for ease of installation (Only available on 343-99-0610, 343-99-0615)

3 stainless steel band clamps

Composite Dimpled Velocity Stack

Over 317 sq in area of high flow filter media

Stack Diagram

The Skunk2 Universal High-Velocity Intake Kit reduces heat soak and maximizes airflow and velocity for any induction system. The kit utilizes a massive 6.8” diameter high-flow low-restriction air filter that features a unique double-cone design where the inverted inner filter cone not only increases the filter surface area and air flow capacity, it also helps reduce turbulence inside the filter and guide the incoming air to achieve higher flow rates and velocities.


Competitor Design Skunk2 Design
A typical Single Cone Filter mass flow rate is 47.7 lbs/min 10 in H2O. Flow separation is caused by turbulence which reduces the cross-sectional flow area and increases restriction. The Skunk2 Double Cone Filter mass flow rate is 57.4 lbs/min 10 in H2O. The double Cone design reduces turbulence inside the filter and increases the filtration area resulting in a higher flow rate and velocity. An energized boundary layer is created reducing flow separation and restriction.

Dimple Close Up

Included with the filter is a unique Composite Velocity Stack that incorporates golf ball like dimples on the surface. These dimples create an energized boundary layer that reduces surface drag and allows air to stay attached as it curves into the bell mouth. The result is higher air velocities and increased air mass delivery to the engine.

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